Blossom Solutions Inc. Quality Assurance department and specially equipped Testing Laboratory offer QA, functional testing, performance testing, usability testing and other testing solutions. We provide a wide range of software testing services meeting the business requirements of clients worldwide.

Quality Assurance Partnership

We will work with your development team to plan, execute and manage project testing, building a co-operative team of your developers and our testers working together to produce high quality software. Our Testing Laboratory has all necessary specialists and equipment, and we can perform all aspects of testing, report the defects discovered and provide valuable analysis of their possible root causes.

Test Creation Plan

We can help you to create a complete Test Plan and other testing documentation for your projects, based on IEEE Standards on Software Development. The most essential documents are:


If necessary, our programmers can be used to debug the code, localize and fix the defects found. Our highly experienced programmers have had many cases where bugs were found in Windows APIs and third-party libraries.