It’s a product that builds e-commerce storefronts. The product is to provide distinguished e-Commerce solution to merchants, shop owners to create professional online shops easy, powerful and reliable. E-cart and E-Shop packages provide you with the ability to build your own online storefront quickly and easily along with the content management tool (Content Uploading). E-Shop is designed to enable clients to expand their activities through selling their products / services using an online storefront. E-Shop comes in three different editions: Standard, Professional and Advanced. E-Cart is designed to enable websites to move into the E-Commerce environment and start selling online. E-cart offers all the features and functionality that you need to develop, design, and promote your website. Features include integration with products, full security via SSL. Payment methods, highly reliable credit card processing, local & international shipping calculations, online reporting, special gift messages and delivery instructions.

E-Shop & E-Cart Portal Features:

The E-commerce Portal contains a highly professional website with departments, products display pages, Shopping basket, product search engine, real time currency conversion, shipping cost calculation, online transaction authorization with banks, online Customs tax payment system, order confirmation for customers and the ability to remember customer address details and shopping basket contents for returning customers.

Shopping basket features:

E-commerce portal has Normal and Express checkout for both authenticated and unregistered users. The unregistered users will be asked to register providing their details during the check out process of buying.

Payment methods available:

The shopping can be done using different payment methods such as:

Different kinds of reporting features will be available for the administrators where the administrator can have access to the transaction reports that was completed by using different kinds of payment methods.

My Account Features:

The shopper will be able to access to the following features once he log's into the website.

Telephone Order:
Order tracking system:

The E-commerce online shopping portal will track Order fulfillment status for the transactions done from the website.

Tracking system will be independently functioning for multiple websites irrespective of the hosted websites.

Web Site Analysis:

The E-commerce portal uses web trends software's to track the web server activities that provide complete periodic log file data for analysis & reporting. The Webmaster or business analyst will be able to analyze and create customized reports with the tool for the following events:

Key Features:

The E-commerce portal solution sends the following notifications to notify an event or change, based on one or more of the following: ¬ Key Features:

Application Integration:

The E-commerce portal is integrated with respective banks for online transactions and with Enterprise applications. Webservice: The following web services are part of the E-Shop & E-Cart.